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Another math problem

A math problem from Singapore went viral the other day, so when you’re at it, here comes another one:

There were just five people in church this Sunday: the priest, the sexton and three visitors, Siv, Per and Eva (a Swedish church!). The sexton happened to know how old the visitors were, but the priest didn’t, and as he was fond of math riddles he decided to challenge the priest. By the way: the priest and the sexton knew each other’s ages.

The sexton to the priest: “If you multiply the ages of Siv, Per and Eva you get 2450. Can you calculate how old each of them is?

Priest: “No I can’t.”

Sexton: “The sum of Siv’s, Per’s and Eva’s ages is double my age. Do you know their ages now?”

Priest: “No.”

Sexton: “What if I tell you that you are the oldest of us five in the church?”

Priest: “Then I know how old Siv, Per and Eva are!”

The question to you the reader: How old is the priest?

If this frustrates you too much I have a link to a solution. Just go to Twitter @LarsSchaff, mark the tweet as a favorite (then I know you want help), and then follow me (so I can reach you).