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The world is waiting for the Democrats to become political

In today’s New York Times Paul Krugman (a really sensible voice, otherwise) for the nth time is convincing the already convinced that the Republican party is repulsive (which one must agree with). But there is something important missing.
A readers comment to NYT:

If the tactics used by liberal media are intended to promote the Democratic party in any way, it’s really puzzling. It’s main components seem to be the daily bashing of Trump, GOP and Russia.

If I were a Trump voter constantly called stupid, it wouldn’t make me run to the Democrats. And if Russian meddling was a real threat (it isn’t, listen to Noam Chomsky and many other sober people) I would certainly stick to GOP, where there are even more foreign policy hawks.

One thing clearly missing is positive marketing of a political program. What will the Democratic party do to win over Trump voters and the rest of the middle class, suffering from 30+ years of neoliberal destruction? And even encourage half of the electorate that doesn’t vote?

If I, as a foreigner, would give some impertinent advise it would be to focus on politics. There is a new wave of progressives emerging, some labeling themselves socialists (like the natural talent Alexandria Ocasio Cortez). In Europe they would barely qualify as social democrats, and their political programs are embraced here by most conservative parties.

The progressives offer real solutions to the problems people are struggling with, but the Democratic party establishment is hooked up to the donor class in a system built by legalized corruption. It’s not tenable in the long run.

An advice from a social democratic country: reconnect to the politics of FDR, your best president ever. Become more European!